Our Final Images from Potosí

Our Final Images from Potosí

Rich Potosí

Miner Monument Potosi

We expected to have an incredible time in Potosí, and the highest city in the world didn’t disappoint. Potosí has a rich history, still evident in its plentiful churches, but today is awash in poverty. The massive Cerro Rico casts a shadow both literally and figuratively over the city; the deaths of millions of indigenous workers has left a wound in Potosí’s psyche which will never scab over. Here are our final visual impressions of this amazing city.

Mirador Potosi
Weird Jesus
Twoer Church
Struppi Bus
Street Vendor
Sleepy Town
San Lorenzo Potosi
Lorenzo Potosi
Pyramides Potosi
Potosi Futbol
Potosi Statue
Potosi Detail
Potosi Circle
Potosi Bebida
Monument Potosi
Iglesai Cochabamba
Growing Hair Jesus
Death Potosi
Evilt Potosi
Gate Potosi
Flowers Potosi
Donkey Train
Cute Fashion Dog
Cerveza Bock
Cute Baby
Casa Moneda
Casa 3 Puertas Portosi
Bolivian Boy Group
Army Bolivia
Baby Sheep Carriage
San Francisco Potosi
Storm Potosi
Spooky Church
Sol Potosi
Telegrafico Potosi
Potosi Blog
Bye Bye Potosi

Hostels in Potosí


  • Beth Anderson

    Reminds me of Peru… compelling images.

    June 11, 2011 at 1:10 pm
  • Angela

    Such a moving place. It really seems to have impacted you guys. The images are stunning.

    June 13, 2011 at 4:19 pm