After One Month in Bolivia…

Most of our first month in Bolivia was spent in the gorgeous capital of Sucre, so our opinion of the country may change. We’ve seen a lot of the altiplano, the high plains of the Andes which stretch along the country’s western extreme: Sucre, Potosí, Uyuni, La Paz. It’s hard to believe how quickly our time is passing by… it will be interesting to see how our perception of the country changes in the next couple months.

Most Memorable

Mike: The flat, snow-white landscape of the Salar de Uyuni is something that will never leave my memories.

Jürgen: Seeing La Paz for the first time, when coming from Uyuni via night bus. An ocean of lights!

Favorite Food

Mike: Chicharrón! I just recently tried this plate of tender pork, fat, skin, bone, potatoes, and chicha at a great restaurant in Mallasa, just south of La Paz. Cochabamba is supposed to be capital of the chicharrón, though… and a city we’ll be visiting soon.

Jürgen: K’alaphurka – This hit the spot after a couple of exhausting days in Potosí

Most Surprising

Mike: You hear so much about Bolivia’s poverty and how it’s a third-would country, but I was surprised to see that even the poorest sections of society lead relatively comfortable lives. I’d much rather be a poor person in Bolivia than in Buenos Aires or even New York City.

Jürgen: The clash of cultures. Favorite: the Cholitas in a bustling, modern city like La Paz

Most Disappointing

Mike: After getting here, I did a lot of reading on the US-Bolivian relationship, and I have to say: I was bitterly disappointed in the way my country has treated this one.

Jürgen: That a lot of travelers just come to Bolivia to see the salt flats and to do a Mine Tour in Potosi and then they disappear again. Bolivia has so much more to offer.

Funniest / Weirdest

Mike: Who knew Bolivians love wrestling so much? Many shops have a TV outside broadcasting toward the sidewalk, and if they’re showing WWE Wrestling (and they frequently are), there will be a huge group of people watching it, totally absorbed.

Jürgen: Flirting with one of the ladies at the market in Sucre. She asked if I was single, I said “yes”, and then spun around and smashed my face into a low ceiling cement bar. Bruised my nose and forehead. Not funny for me, but she had a great laugh. Bolivia is not made for tall people

How Expensive? From 1 (cheap) to 10 (expensive)

Mike: 1. Most intoxicatingly inexpensive place I’ve ever been. It’s going to be hard to return to Europe.

Jürgen: 2. Living costs are cheap but tours can be fairly expensive

People from Bolivia are…

Mike: … proud of their country, and although understandably cautious of foreigners, incredibly friendly and helpful.

Jürgen: … laughing at me on a daily base because I’m so tall. I guess I take it as a compliment

Bolivia in Three Words

Mike: Wild, Misunderstood, Surprising

Jürgen: Scenic, Fascinating, Promising

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  1. Majra

    Glad to know you’re having fun !

  2. karolvanessa.vr

    hey guys! I was just talking with a friend Diego Aguirre, he told me about ur blog. I have to say, I found it really interesting, and, as a Bolivian, i have to say that Im glad about the positive way you can tell with words about ur experiences and what u think about Bolivia to your friends. hope u have fun fun fun! traveling the world must be amazing! if u need something, an address, or whatever, u can contact me, I used to work in an Irish hostel, so It would be my pleasure to help you 🙂

    1. Mike Powell

      Glad you’re enjoying the site!! We’re loving Bolivia, and have had only great experiences so far. We’re heading to Cochabamba next, so if you have any tips please let us know… and if we need anything specific we’ll be in touch 🙂

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