The View from San Felipe Neri

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It was our first day in Sucre, and the women in the tourist office seemed to be competing over who could be the most helpful. The younger lady took an early lead by piling brochures into my hands, offering advice on bus connections and informing us about upcoming festivals. However, her opponent, older and more deliberate, claimed victory after hearing Juergen say he was a photographer. “Ah! I bet you want a view over the city.” Yes, that is exactly what we want!

Minutes later we found ourselves on the roof of the Iglesia de San Felipe Neri, looking over the top of Sucre. The city is a lot larger than I imagined, surrounded by mountains, and on this day, with a perfectly clear sky, the views were breathtaking. We spent an hour snapping goofy pictures, climbing the bell towers, and taking it all in.

Below us, in the courtyard, groups of schoolgirls played and studied around the patio’s fountain. San Felipe Neri was founded in 1795, and today is connected to the María Auxiliadora College, which educates girls of all ages. This was our first bit of sightseeing in the city, and it served as the perfect introduction. If there are two things Sucre has in abundance, it’s churches and schoolchildren.

Well, and beauty. Sucre has that in abundance, too, if our views from San Felipe Neri were at all representative. Access costs just 10Bs, and entrance can be gained at the front door of the school. Don’t be shy about ringing the doorbell.

San Felipe Neri

Corner of Nicolás Ortíz and Colón

Location on our Bolivia Map

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  1. Diane

    awesome. i already like it more than buenos aires. ba had too many pizza shops to tempt you and your camera. 🙂

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