Not Man Enough for Pique a lo Macho

Bolivia’s various regions each have their own typical dishes, and one of the most famous in Sucre is the Pique a lo Macho. My stomach groans just thinking about it.

Pique a lo Macho

A layer of French fries is buried underneath a mountain of chopped-up steak, hot dogs, cheese, eggs, onions, green peppers and locoto chili peppers, then smothered in a rich, dark brown sauce of ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard. “Macho” refers to the size of the plate. One helping is enough for three normal people, and if you can finish a serving by yourself, you’re a real man. Yesterday, I was starving, but still unable to get through my plate of Pique a lo Macho. It wasn’t even close.

But I sure had fun trying. Every bite was delicious. Only when I broke out into a sweat of exertion, did the enjoyment cease. If you’re stuffing yourself so full that you sweat from the sheer effort of it, it’s time to put the fork down.

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  1. Lindy

    Wow, that would’ve fed a small family (of girls). There’s a lottttt of protein there! Good effort though. Do they have food for vegetarians in many places in Bolivia or is this the standard?

  2. Beth Anderson

    So would you say, so far, that you favor Bolivia over Buenos Aires?

    1. Juergen


      that’s such a hard question! We see traces of Spain which we are very familiar with but then at the same time Bolivia is so unique and different to any country I’ve visited before. We love it!!!!

  3. Sergio Marcio

    The “Pique a lo Macho” is delicious. But it’s very saucy too, it’s not easy to eat all the “pique” alone!

  4. John Delaney

    I love Pique a lo Macho. Reminds me of poutine.

  5. edu

    please, pique a lo macho is from cochabamba bolivia and not from sucre, if you want to taste the realy, go to this city, it’s true , it’s very suacy but the secret is take a very good and cold beer Taquiña whit, and you’ll see 

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