Culture & History

Quechua 101
The Unfairly Maligned Coca Leaf
Sucre: The City with Four Names
The 25th of May
K’ala Marka and the Landscapes of Southwestern Bolivia
The Aymara New Year at Tiwanaku
The Witches’ Market
Lucha Libre and the Fighting Cholitas
The Ceremonial Masks of Bolivia
Fiesta in Independencia! Part 1 of 2
Fiesta in Independencia, Part 2 of 2
The Cochabamba Water Wars
How to Chew Coca Leaves

Tours & Adventures

A Tour of Sucre With its Working Children
Our Three-Day Hike Around Sucre, Part I
Our Three-Day Hike Around Sucre, Part II
A Tour of Sucre’s Hat Factory
The Valley of the Moon
Day Trip to Tarata
Pairumani Park in Cochabamba
Angostura Lake
Villa Tunari
La Jungla Park in Chipiriri
A River Hike into the Amazonian Rainforest
Chapare Hike
Inti Wara Yassi and Parque Machía
La Isla del Sol in Lake Titicaca
Biocenter Güembé
Las Lomas de Arena

Photo Reportages

Sucre Streets
The Faces of Bolivia
Goodbye to Chuquisaca
The Road to Uyuni – Pictures
More Pictures from the Aymara New Year
The Prettiest Cholita in La Paz
More Views of La Paz
Street Art La Paz
Last Impressions of La Paz
Arrival in Cochabamba

Food & Drink

The Chirimoya – Mark Twain’s Favorite Fruit
Not Man Enough for Pique a lo Macho
Api Morado – Bolivia’s Colorful Breakfast Drink
Three Bolivian Specialties
Mercado Lanza
More Delicious (or Worrying) Bolivian Dishes
Learning to Love Chicha

The Miradores of La Paz

Mirador Laikakota and the Green Bridge
Mirador Killi Killi
Mirador Andina J’acha Kollo

Buildings & Monuments

The View from San Felipe Neri
The Mercado Central of Sucre
Sucre’s Mirador on Recoleta Hill
The House of Liberty in Sucre
Glorieta Castle is Ridiculous
Sucre’s Cementerio General
Iglesía de San Francisco
San Pedro Prison
The Museum of Ethnography and Folklore
Cristo de la Concordia
Simon Patiño’s Cochabamba Palace
Convent of Santa Teresa in Cochabamba
Incan Ruins around Copacabana
Copacabana’s Calavario

Our Trip to Potosí

From Sucre to Potosí by Train
The Tragic Tale of Potosí
Drinking with the Devil in Potosí’s Mines
The Casa de la Moneda in Potosí
Potosí’s Convent of Santa Teresa
K’alaphurka – A Potosino Specialty
Our Final Images from Potosí

The Salar de Uyuni

The Train Cemetery of Uyuni
Incahuasi – Home of the Incas
The Salar de Uyuni
Playing with Perspective at the Salar de Uyuni
The Chiguana Desert, Rock Trees and Lagoons
The Laguna Colorada
Into the Blizzard
San Cristóbal and Final Thoughts


The Adventure Brew in La Paz
Hostal Casona Potosí
Hostal de Su Merced


Rimaykullayki, Bolivia!
After One Month in Bolivia…
Arriving to La Paz
Juan Recochea’s American Visa
El Alto and its Crazy Market
Strike! (Or: Late to Cochabamba)
Lip Service to Pachamama
Our Final Stop in Bolivia – Santa Cruz
Adios, Bolivia

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