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The Faces of Bolivia

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We’ve lived in quite a few countries, but I don’t think we’ve ever encountered such compelling faces as in Bolivia. The people here, while often shy about getting their picture taken, are almost always courteous and happy to talk. Here’s another random batch of images we’ve taken in Sucre during last few weeks.

Happy Nuns
Convent Sucre
Bolivia Blog
Cable Mess
Eifel Tower Sucre
Cock Bolivia
Cutest Dog in the World
Fabrics Sucre
Ice Cream Sucre
Lion Sucre
Mountains Sucre
Packed Streets
Old Train Sucre
Parilla Sucre
Phantom Car
Phantom Wheel
Public Piss
Round Church Sucre
Sucre Angels
San Francisco Sucre Bolivia
Shopping Sucre
Sneaky Lady
Sucre Alley
Sucre Bebe
Sucre Blog
Swan Mercedes
Virgin Sucre
Woman Prison
Fontan Sucre

Bolivian Food

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Sucre Streets

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Sucre Screets

Before arriving in Sucre, I really didn’t know what to expect! My knowledge of the city and country were near zero, so I’ve been spending a lot of times in the streets to educate myself. I hope you enjoy this set of pictures, which represent my first impressions of this incredible place.

Estrella Sucre
Sucre Mountains
Bolivian Girl
Fontan Sucre
Architecture Sucre
Gracias Alemania
Learning in Bolivia
Secy Sucre
Sucre Lady
Shoe Pen
Sucre Condor
Sucre Paint Job
Family Trip
Speedy Nun
Sucre Detail
Sucre Farmecia
Sucre Love
Sucre Street Food

Oviedo, Spain Travel Blog

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