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The Seven Links Project

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The Seven Links Project, started by the folks at Tripbase, is a unique effort to unite travel bloggers, and give them the chance to highlight some favorite posts. We were nominated by The Globetrotter Girls Jessica and Dani, who are like our female doppelgangers… a German photographer together with an American writer. They’ve been all over Latin America, Europe and South Africa — currently, they’re exploring Canada… check out their adventures when you get a chance!

Each one of this project’s seven categories immediately brought to mind many possible contenders from the eleven-month history of our blog, and we had a hard time making choices. We’ve included something from each of our various locations — Oviedo, Savannah, Buenos Aires and Bolivia. Here they are!

Our Most Beautiful Post

The longest and most incredible hike we did during our time in Asturias, the Ruta del Cares is a round-trip, seven-hour walk through the Picos de Europa, that takes you into the province of León. When you think “Spain”, you definitely don’t imagine nature like this — mountains, cliffs and waterfalls.

Our Most Popular Post

I knew that I was going to be in love with the Grand Splendid even before arriving in Buenos Aires. One of the world’s most gorgeous book stores, set in a converted theater from the turn of the century, the Grand Splendid fascinated me. Little did I know that so many people around the world shared my interest! This post really took off across the internet, helped surely by Jürgen’s incredible pictures of the store, and became one of our most popular articles ever.

Our Most Controversial Post

We don’t often get negative in our blog. There are so many amazing things to see in the world, that we have our hands full just concentrating on the positive experiences, and we’ve learned that negativity only earns us negativity in return. But we had such a terrible visit at Savannah’s Owens Thomas House, that we couldn’t stay quiet. And predictably, our acerbic post upset a large portion of high Savannahian society. Tough.

Our Most Helpful Post

Savannah’s historic squares are its most famous tourist attraction. Laid out in a logical pattern, each with a different history and atmosphere, the squares fascinated us, and we undertook a huge effort to document each one. The result is, I believe, the most comprehensive and certainly most beautifully photographed, guide to the squares of Savannah anywhere on the web.

A Post Whose Success Surprised Us

Who knew that so many people were obsessed with transportation? When we wrote this post, I thought the response would be something along the lines of “What kind of idiots take a seven-hour train/bus, when you could take a three-hour bus?” But it turns out a huge community are really into trains, and this unique Bolivian train/bus hybrid fascinated them. Our post even inspired someone to rewrite the lyrics to Love Train!

A Post We Felt Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved

A radio program run for and by the patients of a run-down mental asylum, visiting a transmission of Radio Colifata was at once the most inspiring, frightening and obscure thing we did in Buenos Aires. The idea behind Colifata is wonderful, giving locked-away patients a voice that is heard across the city, and has inspired similar programs across Europe. We wanted our article to help spread the message, and since it’s such an amazing and interesting program, were surprised by the lack of reaction.

The Post We’re Most Proud Of

As proud as we are of the article, we’re even more proud for having survived this three-day hike around Sucre! Neither of us had ever done a hike like this, and it was truly harsh. I never expected to find myself standing hip-deep in a raging river in the middle of the night, but there I was! It was an exhausting, gorgeous and exhilarating experience we’ll never forget.


The final piece of the project is that we get to nominate five other travel bloggers to take part. Here are the ones we’ve chosen:
Vor Mir die Welt
Tend to Travel
Go Backpacking
Hillary McNamara
Retrospective Traveller

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July 8, 2011 at 8:01 pm
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  • July 10, 2011 at 11:31 amAmer @TendToTravel

    Hi, first of all thank you for nominating me! Will start digging into my post. Great links by the way and love your Bolivian adventures!

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The Seven Links Project The Seven Links Project, started by the folks at Tripbase, is a unique effort to unite travel bloggers, and give them the chance to highlight some favorite posts.
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